Provably Fair (Roulette)

All rolls on are generated using a provably fair system. This means the operators cannot manipulate the outcome of any roll. Players may replicate any past roll using the below code:

$server_seed = "76eb3eb0b05ebe6d1d5fbc2ea3dd3d031919009b30cb1b7bc37ce8024bbd5809";
$lotto = "7877579201";
$round_id = "1";
$hash = hash("sha256", $server_seed . "-" . $lotto . "-" . $round_id);
$roll = hexdec(substr($hash, 0, 8)) % 15;
echo "Round $round_id = $roll";

You can execute PHP code straight from your web browser with tools like PHP Tester. Simply copy-paste the code into the window and replace the server_seed, lotto, and round_id values for your own. Execute the code to verify the roll.

For more information about provably fair visit our FAQ page.

Provably Fair (Jackpot)

A ticket represents 1 coin. The more tickets a player has, the more chances of him winning. As soon as a round is over, the winning ticket number will be calculated based on the random percentage and the total number of tickets with the following formula:

$hash = "ffe94f3c11d43cf48c85a92ffb875bf6";
$salt = "efbfaf6d";
$tickets = "84738";
$percentage = "74.09333262378883";
$winnerTicket = floor(($tickets - 0.0000000001) * ($percentage / 100));
$verifyHash = md5($percentage . ':' . $salt);

if($verifyHash != $hash) echo "Hash doesn't match";
else {
	echo "Winning ticket can be found at " . $winnerTicket;

The hash is a md5 encryption of the round secret and winning percentage in the following format percentage:secret When the round is over, both the secret and the winning percentage are revealed. You can verify that the hash matches with them by using a tool like PHP Tester. Simply copy-paste the code into the window and replace hash, salt, tickets, percentage for the given round. Execute the code to verify the game then check the winning ticket from your bets history page and verify the winning ticket matches.

Date Server seed Lottery Rolls
23/10/2018 SERVER SEED IN USE63406006727963-29669
22/10/2018 675e5e2aef9d4953863975056ac8fc856cfb738e91940e670d73e217ec530b26988786764125803-27962
21/10/2018 c2a12a59a42232c43801053f36282f529cca9ae5da42261dd0c0ddd716f9ddee729618714923643-25802
20/10/2018 ca990dde6956f9d80926ff6e073afd5edba6e19fafbac0c873793f968f63950d514212044621483-23642
19/10/2018 b91ac4c2c1ac1e6c69b49e2adc0ddf971866fdeb0d2707c4a76de975d366172b433172068519323-21482
18/10/2018 07c859b5b0d5f4c9f336c5e79a57672f589be1e36ef72372f3d16b71c26cf24e896941668117171-19322
17/10/2018 a233a7cca6491ceeebd46d2cad4118c547184ebafe0167fb91df593e3888897f255246080815011-17170
16/10/2018 587fc53375915d1cd618467265a425d4a5eb8c3c43f97527089d0d4e77f00958700057201412851-15010
15/10/2018 3c3814b67792295a6d3dc09dd35bc3eada01700e88b816216f42fb3aa3dcc9a8612592447410691-12850
14/10/2018 993e0d7ad24e3faafa155d102710c933bfe4e5307192a7a991e7ed17b9af97c662489042188594-10690
13/10/2018 a83a337bddd9450cf787d001bedcc93d9b45457992f29e32e6c9d7f5eff8309e44587844666434-8593
12/10/2018 5935e20e19280bd00b8c6d0df4a45802195560024ecb42a9747dfd1ef072ba318414794444274-6433
11/10/2018 0456f60ef14027095f996fa6d680c31fc78d9517b8cafba4dc05f834790918b664564055222114-4273
10/10/2018 03fbd62082f312eceedb57800b71375e4ee5f06b30797fb28521f36f522c13f543679346551-2113