What is CSGORGB.com?

CSGORGB.com is a brand new way to gamble CS:GO skins. We are NOT a jackpot site – instead players deposit skins for credits and bet those credits on a roulette inspired game:

Bet 1-7 (red) or 8-14 (black) for DOUBLE your credits. Bet 0 (green) for FOURTEEN times your credits.

It doesn't matter how big your inventory is, or how much you bet, your odds are always the same.

Bets occur in real time, across the entire site, meaning you bet, win, and lose along with other players.

All rolls are generated using a provably fair system – ensuring a fair roll each and every time.

How much are credits worth?

Credits have no real-life value. Instead they are exchanged for CS:GO items from our public shop. Every 1000 credits will buy you roughly $1 worth of items. See below for more information.

How are prices determined?

Baseline prices are determined using publicly available data from SteamAnalyst. Some items are not accepted due to price, volatility, or popularity. Furthermore the following discounts are applied:

0.00 - 0.50Not Accepted
0.50 - 5.0020% off
5.00 - 10.0010% off
10.00+Full Price

These are not fees – instead they are applied equally to both deposits and withdrawals. This means you may deposit and then withdraw the same item, as many times as you want, at no cost.

Discounts exist to discourage a flood of low-value items and to provide a discount to those withdrawing low-value items over the more popular, big ticket items.

My items are not showing up for deposit?

First, make sure your inventory is set to public.

By default CSGORGB.com loads items from cache. Occasionally this may become out of date. To load directly from Steam (and update the cache) click the “force reload” button.

I've deposited but haven't received my credits!?

After accepting the trade offer you must “confirm” the deposit by clicking the confirm button under the “incoming trade offer” panel. This allows our system to verify that the offer has been accepted – only then will the credits be forwarded to your account.

Will I be refunded if I decline a withdraw?

Yes. If you decline the trade offer for any reason (or it expires) you will be refunded the full amount after “confirming” with our system.

Why did the bot cancel my trade offer?

Our bots automatically cancel trade offers older than 10 minutes to make room for new trade offers. If you're unable to respond within 10 minutes simply “confirm” the old trade offer and try again.

What is Provably Fair?

Provably fair is a way of generating random numbers using cryptography such that the results can be verified by a third party. This means the operators cannot manipulate the outcome of any roll. In short, we use the results of a state run lottery to seed our RNG (random number generator) – for a detailed explanation see below.

How does it work?

Each roll is computed using the SHA-256 hash of 3 distinct inputs.

First, is the server seed. This is a precomputed value generated by CSGORGB.com some time in the past. Seeds are generated in a chain such that today's seed is the hash of tomorrow's seed. Since there is no way to reverse SHA-256 we can prove each seed was generated in advance by working backwards from a precomputed chain.

seed 0 => seed 1 => seed 2 => seed 3

Next, the server seed is salted (scrambled) with the results of the New York Lottery's Take 5 game. Drawn daily at 11:21 pm EST, these results (0-padded) are appended to the server seed for use the following day.

Finally, each roll is salted with the unique round id ensuring a different hash each roll.

The round's hash is generated using SHA256("serverseed-lottery-roundid"). Taking the first 8 hex digits of the resulting hash and converting to decimal yields an integer from 0-4294967295. Taking modulo 15 yields the final roll in the range 0-14.

A PHP implementation of the aforementioned process is included below.

How do I verify a roll?

You can execute PHP code straight from your web browser with tools like PHP Tester. Simply copy-paste the following code into the window and replace the server_seed, lotto, and round_id values for your own. Execute the code to verify the roll.

$server_seed = "76eb3eb0b05ebe6d1d5fbc2ea3dd3d031919009b30cb1b7bc37ce8024bbd5809";
$lotto = "7877579201";
$round_id = "1";
$hash = hash("sha256",$server_seed."-".$lotto."-".$round_id);
$roll = hexdec(substr($hash,0,8)) % 15;
echo "Round $round_id = $roll";

Notice how any change to the lottery results radically changes the rolls.

Note that you'll be unable to verify rolls until the server seed is disclosed at 12:00 midnight.

How does the affiliate system work?

The affiliate system lets anyone earn credits by referring new players to the site. Visit the affiliate dashboard to generate your unique referral code. Share with friends, in forum signatures, or on social media.

When new players use your referral code they'll earn 500 FREE credits. And you'll earn credits every time your referrals place a bet – regardless if they win or lose.

What is affiliate level?

Your affiliate level determines how much (%) you'll earn from each referral. Your affiliate level is determined by the amount of unique depositors you've referred:

Unique DepositorsAffiliate Level
0Bronze (1 coin per 300 bet)
50Silver (1 coin per 200 bet)
200+Gold (1 coin per 100 bet)

You can track your visitor statistics from the dashboard. A green check mark indicates that the player has made at least one deposit (the amount of the deposit does not matter). While you'll earn a % from all visitors only those who've made at least one deposit count towards the affiliate level.

Note that for privacy reasons complete steam id's are obscured.

When leveling up your new % is applied to all previous earnings. For example, if you've earned 100k as Bronze affiliate, your earnings will instantly jump to 200k when reaching Silver, and then 300k when reaching Gold – even if none of your referrals or new depositors placed any bets during that time.